Finding Happiness in Education

“What do you want to be when you grow up?” This is a question that every person in every place in the world has been asked at least a time or two, right? I know I have. When I was a young child until the time that I entered college, the most popular question that I heard was in regards to my future career choice. Well, Logan LaPlante in his TED talk titled, “Hackschooling Makes Me Happy” made me think about this question in a whole new perspective.Why can’t we be just as focused on happiness and health as we are about a grade, a college, or a job? The answer is that we should be. There is no job that I am going to excel at without first acknowledging my health and happiness. Logan LaPlante had many great points throughout his talk, but one that I agree with most is the idea of being healthy and happy as a part of our education. So what can we do to implement this way of thinking? We can hack!

As LaPlante mentioned, the word hacking often has a negative connotation associated with it, but in reality, it is a practice of finding ways to make things better. In fact, as Bud Hunt mentioned in his article “Centering on Essential Lenses: Make/Hack/Play”, the original meaning of hacking was  “a fiddle that improved a process or program”. So, in the sense of the original definition, let’s hack learning. Our learning processes can help us find our happiness within our education. As LaPlante did, we should find ways to learn that excite and motivate us. Regardless of the way we are learning, we should be doing so while considering our happiness and health.

I think that often as students, we forget about our well-being because it seems unimportant when compared a GPA or career. As Dr. Walsh told LaPlante, people are more focused on making a living than making a life. This statement really struck me because of how absolutely accurate it is. When I was considering career choices, I realized that education was the department that I wanted to be in, but it was also the department that I told myself I couldn’t be in. Everyone told me that going into education is not going to make a lot of money, and unfortunately, that is what prevents so many from doing it. I tried two other majors that would make me more money before I realized that I would rather be happy at my job everyday than be rich. I think that being happy is something that is overlooked in today’s society, and that is not how it should be. I think we should all make it our goal to focus on our happiness, health, and well-being in everything that we do.

The TED talk that I referred to is called “Hackschooling Makes Me Happy”: Logan LaPlante’s TED Talk

The article that I referred to is called “Centering On Essential Lenses: Centering on Essential Lenses

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8 thoughts on “Finding Happiness in Education

  1. morgansblog914975884 says:

    I really enjoyed this weeks information provided by Logan and Bud. I really think that being happy is just assumed when we get older, however, we soon find out that being happy isn’t all that easy. As we age we become submerged in payments and “adulting.” Then, going to college we become obsessed with our GPA and finding a good career, as you said. That just adds to our stress and may times, we place our happiness on the back burner. I think it is important that children and adults all focus on happiness and hacking our lives and education to accomplish the goal of being happy AND healthy.

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    • kaylasdiglitclass says:

      You are absolutely right! There has to be a balance in our life, because when we become obsessed with one thing (such as GPA or money), we start to lose ourselves. Finding happiness will come when we learn to take care of ourselves and do things that benefit our well-being.


  2. literacyinthedigitalage631129765 says:

    Kayla, I think that it is great that you chose a job that would make you happy. It is always more important to be happy with the job you choose rather than just doing it because the money is good. I love the quote that says “Do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life” it is so important to love what you do.

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  3. bloggingwithalexis says:

    Kayla, this reflection is very detailed and you raise some good points! I do have to agree with you that without health and happiness, we can’t do our best in everyday activities. I think that if we do things that allow for ourselves to be happy then we will become more influential in our tasks at hand. In all, your post was very informative and your examples led me to really relate back to your reasonings.


  4. tatumsthoughtsblog says:

    Kayla, I loved this response post! I completely agree with you and Logan about happiness and health being just as important as grades and a job, and we need to focus on that more in education. I think Logan’s speech was amazing and I am so inspired by this young boy, as I can tell you are too!


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