Cooking: The First Week

This week I decided to try cooking a meal of some sort every single day. It was difficult, to say the least, because of the limited resources that I have, especially when I was unable to use the kitchen in the dorms. When I was able to use it, I had an easier time because I could prep the meal and use the appropriate pans and equipment. In the kitchen, I made Chicken Alfredo, and it did not go very well because I made a few mistakes throughout the process. First of all, I realized that Alfredo sauce burns very quickly because it is a creamy sauce that needs to be watched the entire time. I also did not taste the sauce as I was cooking it, so it was under-seasoned when I finished it. I don’t know why or how I forgot this step because in every cooking show ever, the chefs remind the viewers to taste everything as they cook because then they can add seasoning as they go rather than at the end. The other mistake that I made was cooking the chicken a little bit too long. I am always cautious about cooking chicken because I have gotten food poisoning from undercooked chicken before, so now, whenever I cook chicken, I make sure that it is completely done because I would rather eat burnt chicken than raw chicken for fear of getting sick! For next week, I hope to work on my seasoning skills, keep the correct heat on each pan, and cook the chicken to the right temperature so that it tastes better!5491941060_3f4aaf80af_o

(photo cc by riddergraniet)

On a brighter note, I had a good experience with my cooking creativity this week! As I have stated before, I live in the dorms, so it is hard for me to have the resources to cook all of the time because all that I have is a microwave. This week, though, with the help of, I was able to find a few healthy microwavable meals that really pushed me outside of my comfort zone. The first one that I made was scrambled eggs. I put two eggs in a large coffee mug, added about a tablespoon of milk, and whisked the two together until they were combined fully. Next, I put the mug in the microwave, and cooked it on high for two minutes. After I took the eggs out, I added feta cheese and spinach, and it sort of tasted like an omelette, so I would consider that a success! The next microwave meal that I made was a chicken wrap. I bought cooked, shredded chicken, pepper jack cheese, and whole-wheat tortillas, so all that I had to do was assemble the wrap, and cook it in the microwave for about 45 seconds. I know that this isn’t exactly considered cooking, but it was a challenge for me because it was forcing me to get healthier meal options and put them together for myself rather than to go to McDonald’s and order chicken nuggets.

I hope that I continue to push myself as far as trying new meals, assembling healthier meals, using my microwave and the kitchen to my advantage. Next week, I am hoping to make one meal in the kitchen per day as well as use the kitchen to make a few meals that I can just warm up the next day. If I prep my meals, I will be able to eat a home-cooked meal without the struggle of fighting other residents for the kitchen. I would label this week as a success because I made myself cook a meal in one way or another every day, and that helped me get in a routine! We will see if I am more successful and creative next week. 🙂





13 thoughts on “Cooking: The First Week

  1. eligarzajr says:

    Hopefully you can try cooking chicken alfredo again! A good tip might be to keep the heat low to medium when cooking sauce to allow it to simmer instead of burn with frequent stirring. You might have struggled a little bit, but from what I read, I’d say that you had a successful learning experience.

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  2. tatumsthoughtsblog says:


    I am impressed that one of your first attempts at cooking, you chose chicken alfredo! This is one of my favorite meals but I am always afraid to try to make it myself. You mistakes were very minor so great job with that! I also love pintrest for microwavable recipes! Living in the dorms makes cooking so much more complicated than it needs to be! Keep up the good work!

    – Tatum

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  3. literacyinthedigitalage631129765 says:

    Kayla, that is okay we learn from our mistakes and now you will know for next time. Tasting as you go is very important because you do not want bland food so tasting will help that become less of a problem. Great job this week keep practicing, practice makes perfect!


  4. joseysblogcom says:

    Kayla, Chicken Alfredo is one of my favorites. I have tried cooking this from scratch and it tasted marvelous. It seems like you first week of cooking is going good. Learning through your mistakes and experiences is good. Keep up it up!


  5. thinkwild141921266 says:

    Kayla, I think your honest explanation of your experiences is super helpful for other people who are starting out and learning to cook too! I especially like your focus on microwave meals which are really helpful for college students!! Good work!

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  6. torisblogpost says:

    I am extremely impressed that you are making such an effort to cook in the dorms! When I lived on campus I never made my own food, out of pure laziness and lack of proper items needed. Definitely keep up the good work, and I look forward to reading more about your journey!

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  7. morgansblog914975884 says:

    As someone who also lives in the dorm it is great to know healthier options for microwave meals. I personally feel sick whenever I think about eating more instant noodles. Perhaps I will attempt making eggs in the microwave as well. I wonder how long it would take to make boiled eggs! Good luck as you continue your ILP, I am excited to see your process (and the meals you create!).

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