What’s the Deal with ds106?

DS106 is something that I have never heard of before in my life, but after reading about it, I am wishing I would have known about it long ago. DS106 stands for Digital Storytelling 106, which is a class that is offered at University of Mary Washington. This course gives students the opportunity to explore digital skills and tell their real life stories in a completely new format. Digital storytelling is a concept that is being talked about more commonly because of the growing advancements in technology and creativity. According to Tiziana Saponaro, Digital Storytelling empowers students to gain confidence in their media skills by improving their 21st century literacy skills and reaching deeper understandings in all areas of curriculum.

DS106 requires students to build their online identity. Now, I am sure that many college students think that they have their online identity locked in on Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook, so finding others to engage with as you talk about your process will be easy. This course is designed to serve as a storytelling workshop as well as technology training that is giving the students the tools to communicate in a digital landscape. Not only does this class allow students to learn more about technology and all that it offers, but it also gives them the chance to examine the digital landscape of communication. I would love to use digital storytelling in my classroom because it promotes competency in technology, it helps improve students’ writing and communicating skills, it is driven by critical thinking skills, and, most importantly, it allows me to veer away from the traditional assessments offered in the classroom and instead, let the students be assessed in a new, creative fashion.

I believe that this course would be helpful to take because we need to stay on top of technology. It offers us so many advantages in this world whether it be in our education or our careers. The more that we learn about technology and the different formats that it offers, the more that we will be able to use it to connect and advance. I would be interested in taking this class because I am extremely threatened by technology. I am in two courses this semester that require learning new ways to manipulate the internet and technological resources. It has been tough, but I know that it is worth learning about because in my career as an educator, I am going to need to know everything possible about finding information, presenting it in new ways, and communicating in a safe and helpful way in order to pass my knowledge on to my students.

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6 thoughts on “What’s the Deal with ds106?

  1. thinkwild141921266 says:

    This definitely is an interesting way to learn and like you, I had never heard about it before this class. I’m not convinced that this would be a good thing for everybody, but for those that are interested in learning something like this, it seems to be helpful!


  2. joseysblogcom says:

    I honestly had no idea what this was when we were first assigned it. I am glad we were asked to learn about it. I enjoyed how well you explained it with examples and solutions as to why it is such a good thing. Thanks for sharing!


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