Week 7 – Meal Prep

Before you get your hopes up, this post is not about fitness or healthy eating! Unfortunately, I do not know enough about either of those topics to write an entire blog post discussing them, so I will not try to fool my readers into believing that I do! What this post is about, though, is how I went home for the weekend, so I was able to prepare a bunch of mini meals to freeze and bring back to school with me!

The first meal that I wanted to make because it was simple and I could forget about it while I did the rest of my cooking is baked chicken. I bought 4 large chicken breasts, coated them in olive oil, seasoned them with salt, pepper, Italian seasoning, and garlic salt, and then I baked them for 30 minutes at 400 degrees. This was almost too easy! I was able to forget about it while I did everything else, and when it was done, all that I had to do was cut the breasts in half, and put them in a tupperware container!

While my chicken cooked, I prepared some vegetables and potatoes. I used a sheet pan that I covered with tinfoil. I then washed my baby potatoes, and cut up about 25 pieces of asparagus. I cooked my baby potatoes in a boiling pot of water until they were tender, and then I took them out and let them dry. Next, I smashed the potatoes with a fork, so that they were flattened into a small circle on the sheet pan. I coated the potatoes and asparagus in olive oil, and then I seasoned them with salt and pepper, parmesan cheese and bread crumbs.  Finally, I put these into the 400 degree oven and allowed them to bake for about 18 minutes. These were delicious! I am not a huge fan of baked potatoes or anything that seems like it has too much potato (if that makes sense), but thinning the baby potatoes out by smashing them made them so much more delicious for me! I am definitely going to do this again!

While creating these small meals to take back with me, I also prepared what my family calls Special K Bars, and what a lot of other people call Scotcheroos. In order to make these, I had to start by cooking corn syrup and sugar together until the sugar dissolves. After this mixture began boiling, I added peanut butter to it, and stirred it all together. I removed the pan from the stove, and added the Special K cereal to it. Once I combined all of the ingredients, I poured them into a greased glass pan and patted them down into a solid, even layer. Next, I combined semi-sweet chocolate chips and butterscotch chips on the stove, allowed them to melt, and then poured them onto the Special K mixture in the pan. Once the chocolate hardened, they were ready to eat!

I had so much fun cooking this week, and I cannot wait to cook a lot more when I go home for spring break! It will be even more fun because I recently won an entire set of new pots and pans at the CSC basketball game! I am so excited to get to use these pans and create a lot of memories and recipes!

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4 thoughts on “Week 7 – Meal Prep

  1. Katie O'Boyle says:

    Kayla you have been a busy gal with all of your cooking! That sounds awesome! I’ve always wanted to try meal prepping! I feel like it just is very beneficial to not only your health but life! Tell me, was it hard to find the time to prep?


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