Independent Learning Project

This week I decided to do something a little bit different. Recently, I was able to start a new job at EJ’s BBQ restaurant, which I am sure is very familiar to everyone in Chadron. The owner asked me if I would be willing to work in the kitchen a few days a week because they were short on kitchen staff. Reluctantly, I said yes, but I was not looking forward to it at all. I had never worked in or even seen a restaurant kitchen, and I had no desire to, but luckily, I loved it!

My job mostly consisted of dropping things into the fryer. I had to make chicken strips, mozzarella sticks, pickles, onion rings, Texas toothpicks, spicy chicken patties, indian tacos, and taco salads. The fryer was fun because it was easy, but I really wanted to try working on the line and helping prepare the great food that so many of us have gotten to enjoy.

pexels-photo-115740.jpegBecause I was new, I did not get to do anything too high-profile, but I did get to make the most popular item at the restaurant: macaroni and cheese. Now, this might seem extremely simple because I am sure that every person has made it from a box at one point in their lives, but this is different, I promise. Imagine the biggest pot you have ever seen in a kitchen. Now triple that, and that is the size of pot I had to fill with macaroni noodles! The best part, though, was the cheese sauce, which was also in an insanely giant pot. To make the cheese sauce, the chef started with 4 sticks of butter. Yes, you read that right. 4. Sticks. After the butter has melted, he added 4 cups of flour, and mixed the two together in order to form a roux. He added milk to this roux, and 5 different kinds of cheeses in amounts that he did not measure, but he did tell me that the more cheese, the better. When the milk sauce thickened and the cheese melted, the most glorious, golden cheese sauce was poured over the noodles. To finish the masterpiece, the chef seasoned the macaroni and cheese with A LOT of salt and some pepper, and the famous mac n cheese was ready to be enjoyed.

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Be sure to tune in next week to see what I make for Easter dinner!

Thank you for reading!




6 thoughts on “Independent Learning Project

  1. hallysblog8 says:

    I really like eating at EJ’s, it is one of my favorites here in Chadron! Honestly, the macaroni is my favorite thing to get at pretty much any restaurant but especially EJ’s because it isn’t box mac and cheese it is actually home made which makes it so much better. Thanks for giving us a perspective on how they make the delicious meal!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. madisonseamann says:

    Even though you didn’t have to do much, it sounded like you learned a lot! I’ve never eaten at this restaurant, but I’m also roughly 4 hours away from Chadron and don’t usually go up that way.. The mac n cheese looks amazing by the way! Like ever. I’m excited to read what you decide to make for Easter!
    Madison Seamann


  3. joseysblogcom says:

    Kayla, it seems like you had quite the experience in the kitchen. It didn’t sound like much fun but was a good learning experience. I have never eaten at EJ’s before but I really look forward to doing so soon! Thanks for sharing!


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