Independent Learning Project Finale

(Sorry to anyone who has viewed this post before. Somehow all of my content got deleted.)

So the day has come, we have finally finished up our Independent Learning Projects! When I say finally, I do not mean it to sound like I dreaded this assignment at all, because that is the opposite of the truth. When I say finally, I mean finally I get to see how I have progressed! This has been a learning experience that I will never forget, and I could not wait to make my final meal so that I could see if I had gotten any better at being a College Dorm Chef!

It will not come as a surprise to any of my readers when I say that I decided to make pasta for my final meal! It was fantastic. I have been primarily focusing on Chicken Alfredo and Shrimp Alfredo because that is my favorite kind of pasta, so I thought that I should step outside of my comfort zone a little bit and make Chicken Parmesan, which is something that requires a little bit more work, in my opinion. I loved the process, though, because the end product was so delicious!

I made breaded chicken breasts that I cut into smaller chunks after they were fully cooked. I cooked penne in boiling, salted water, and then I made a chunky tomato sauce that had tomato puree, tomato sauce, and sun-dried tomatoes. I added the chicken and the noodles into the sauce, and then I seasoned it all with a lot of salt and pepper, some Italian seasoning, and finally, lots and lots of melty, Mozzarella cheese! To go along with this tasty dish, I made a few garlic bread sticks that fit perfectly with the Italian vibe that I cannot get enough of.


I have had a blast cooking meals for my ILP. At first, I thought it would be really easy to accomplish this task. Cooking for homework sounded a lot better than the papers, forums, and tests that I am used to, but it truly was a difficult task getting myself to get into the kitchen. It is hard to tell yourself you need to go out and buy ingredients, see if the kitchen is free, and then muster up some pans instead of just going through a drive thru and saving time and money. It was worth it, though. I learned that if I commit myself to something that I enjoy, I will be so proud of myself when I finally accomplish my goal. This class has pushed me outside of my comfort zone in just about every realm and format of learning, and I would not change that for anything because I have learned that I am capable, and I can do whatever I want to put my mind to, and that is exactly why I will allow my students to do an ILP in my future classroom someday.

Thanks for reading!



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