Digital Story

Learning is something interesting to me. I had a very hard time trying to come up with metaphors that described my learning experiences, but in the end, I am glad that I was able to explore all of the comparisons there are. I hope that when I compare my learning experiences to different, fun experiences in my life, my students will be more excited to embark on their journey.

I made my digital story with Animoto, and I had a great time! I used a different site first, which gave me a terrible time. I created an entire video that took me about 45 minutes, got to the end of the process, and then was given the memo that I could not used my finished product unless I paid for it or added a credit card so that when my free trial was up, the site could charge me!

Overall, I had a really great time creating this story because it allowed me to reminisce and create something that was very near and dear to my heart. I wanted it to be special, and that is what happened! I loved that I could add pictures from years ago and apply them to my learning experiences and my life as a student/future educator.

Thank you so much for reading, and I hope you enjoy!



7 thoughts on “Digital Story

  1. bloggingwithalexis says:

    It was awesome seeing different work done on the same program that I used! I thought this video was super cool. The program is super easy to use and has a way of making everything fit together so well. You also do a good job of using personal photos which is always enjoyable! Thanks for sharing this week.


  2. torisblogpost says:

    Awwh man I loved watching you video, and seeing all of your memories! It was also great to see all the metaphors you used, and how you applied them to your life. This makes it more fun to learn, and understanding how teaching can be a metaphor. It seems like you had success with this week, and I look forward to reading more from you!


  3. joseysblogcom says:

    Kayla, your video was very cute and personal to your learning! I loved it! I also loved how you incorporated learning to everyday life. Each stanza was spot on and you demonstrated it through your own pictures! Thanks for sharing!


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